The pictures above illustrate the essence of what Scuffed Granny is about: hiking, reupholstering and revamping, baking, travelling, visiting North American National Parks and making Roman blinds – some of the things that fill my days.

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Named after my son told me that I copied my mum (the infamous Granny) in all the things I like to do, *Scuffed Granny is a website dedicated to all of those things that I can’t do quite as well as my mum.

*”Scuffed”, for those not in the know, is slang for “knock off”, “off brand”, things not quite as good. “Granny” means, um, Granny.

Disclaimer – Actually, in the interest of fairness, the infamous Granny does not reupholster or revamp or make Roman blinds. And very rarely, if at all, will you see her hike.

Update: Now that the page has launched and I have highlighted that she doesn’t sew that much, Granny has been at pains to advise that she won a prize for excellence for needlework in her school days, thereby confirming and underlining my “scuffed” status and affirming hers as top dog. But I will applaud her for her skill as it takes nothing away from my lack of it!

These pages will be a showcase for the things I am doing, projects I am working on, places I have visited.


I have done a lot of travelling having lived in lots of different places so choosing a picture was tricky. I opted for one of my favourites.

This is Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire, Wales. A blooming beautiful beach with sand dunes to explore, a wide expanse of golden sand to stroll upon as well as dramatic cliffs, multicoloured pebbles and a seaweed hut. And surfers. Lots of surfers. And temporarily, it accommodated Seashell Cottage, home of Dobby.

Whenever I head back to Wales, this is always on my visit list.

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I’ve usually got something on the go so look at my latest project/make.

Here, I’ve painted a sign for our back yard to go under a cactus shaped light and some banana leaves wall art. It’s rough and ready – just the way I like it!

The fingers are not painted.

What else?

A work in progress…

More sign painting

Fall walks

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