Behind the Wall by Harris Kloe

Behind the Wall is a short suspense story, which as a debut publication shows promise.

It centres on Henry who is checking in to a hotel and requests the penthouse suite but the clerk seems reticent about letting him stay there. But why? And this is the premise for the story as after spending some time in the room, something is very wrong and Henry is determined to discover what could be its source. Henry is presented as a no nonsense sort of chap even when he is spooked and I liked this about him.

Kloe understands the importance of tension and suspense in the way that the story progresses and there are definite echoes of Conan Doyle’s Holmes and a suggestion of Poe in the style of the narrative.

I found some of the phrasing to be a little “clunky” like “to add the cherry on the cake” for instance but this is a minor gripe as it is well-written besides with good description, tense atmosphere and sense of place and character.

The ending solves the mystery and continues the horror theme but as a reader, it lacked something for me even though it presents a conclusion, which rounds the story off completely. Saying that though, I would be interested to see where Kloe goes with his subsequent stories as there is much here to be applauded.

I was privileged to read this story as an ARC by direct submission request from the author.

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