Life Happens by Sarah Catherine Knights

Sarah Catherine Knights’ book is a story of friendships made which stand the test of time into married life and kids and beyond. Only all is not what it seems and even if, on the surface, the relationships appear to be sound, secrets lurk that threaten to make themselves known, by design or by discovery.

Knights’ novel centres around three friends, Jen, Rachel and Grace who met at university and have remained close since those days. Their husbands, Mike, Zach and Leo respectively, make up the six who share a holiday in Cyprus, in a romantic idyll of rustic romance, with a pool and friendly locals at the taverna, which all adds to the idea that this will be the perfect get-together.

However, whilst the friends get along for the most part, there are tensions, previously undiscovered or discussed between partners and also there are things from the past that become more tangible as the nuances between characters are noticed, as well as revelations from the present as the book progresses.

I liked this book very much. I think that the characters are credibly drawn and I liked the way that Knights’ narrative is structured and the way that details about the characters are revealed. It is a very easy book to read and I soon found myself wanting to see how it all ended: the hints of conflict and secret dalliances as well as how the suspicions gleaned would be dealt with – should the characters confront or continue to gloss over them?

If I have a criticism, it is the way that the book ends. I sincerely hope that Knights plans to revisit these characters, especially Jen as I felt that there were unresolved issues in her story especially, for which I would want to know more. However, in fairness, the book is rounded in that it starts with a photo and ends similarly.

All in all, this is a good story which has been well thought out and delivered with pace, revealed with control and with characters who are distinct, in a location that evokes all the delights of the Mediterranean – a perfect light summer read.

This lady is a local author to where I live in Wiltshire and it was a pleasure to be able to write a review for this book.

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