Missing 85 Days by Randy Haglund

A story of a man who finds himself adrift without knowledge of his past told alongside that of the family desperately searching for him

Land of the Blue Mist by Susan Mallgrave

The story of Aster Sweetwater, a girl between two cultural worlds – Cherokee and Jackson’s USA – and her search for a place for her people

A Gilded Death by Cecelia Tichi

The first book in the series about Val and Roddy DeVere is a great opener, establishing the characters and atmosphere of the Gilded Age

Strange Fits of Passion by Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve’s books never fail to be a good, involved read and this story of a woman escaping a life of domestic abuse is real and astute

A Song for Leonard by A. I. Fabler

Charles Bateman returns to New York and his visit brings with it a return to a dark incident from his past and a pursuit for truth.

Give Me Shelter by David B. Seaburn

A story of a boy, his family and friends, navigating loss, anxiety and uncertainty at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Nothing Personal for Breakfast by Jennifer Ann Shore

Jennifer Ann Shore does the great romantic story of an undeniable attraction between two people and the suspenseful struggle to get together

Just for You by Jennifer Ann Shore

Warm coming-of-age book about Violet, her friends, her family and their relationships, and first love

Only You in Everything by Jennifer Ann Shore

A wonderful romantic read which is heart-warming, easy reading with vivid characters and dialogue