Kindergarten at 60 by Dian Seidel

A great book, describing Seidel’s experience teaching English to students in Thailand – in a kindergarten! Cultural, frank and real.

Notes From Out West by Carter Obasohan

A first-hand account of back country camping which is a lively read, full of description and experience

The Backpack Years by Stefanie and James Wilson

The Wilsons, through their tandem memoirs, take their reader on an achingly candid and emotional tour of their youthful travel experiences

The Slow Road to Deadhorse by James Anthony

Reads like a travel book but is also the journey of the writer himself, a cultural exploration and a celebration of the American people

Going Home to Africa by Dot Bekker

Dot Bekker’s brave and epic adventure travelling across Africa on her own in a blue Ford Transit van is full of dramas, triumphs and people

Braving the World: Adventures in Travel and Retirement by Pam Saylor

Pam Saylor’s recount of her travel experience in Europe is lively and honest, crammed full of details to absorb, as well as tips and advice.