Prepare for Departure: Notes on a single mother, a misfit son, inevitable mortality and the enduring allure of frequent flyer miles by Mark Chesnut

A touching and funny memoir by the author about his relationship with his mother and their lives together

What I Was Listening To When…A Memoir Set To Music by Jack L. B. Gohn

Jack Gohn’s stimulating and candid memoir illustrates how all autobiographical works should be structured for ultimate enjoyment- to music

The Backpack Years by Stefanie and James Wilson

The Wilsons, through their tandem memoirs, take their reader on an achingly candid and emotional tour of their youthful travel experiences

The Last Stop by Patricia Street

A candid book about addiction related by a mother, drawing on her experiences, emails, Facebook posts, and the writings of the addict

Travels with Maurice: An Outrageous Adventure in Europe, 1968 by Gary Orleck

An enjoyable memoir filled with glamour, parties and celebrity, of a treasured time in the author’s life shared with the charismatic Maurice

The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby

A uniquely moving book, beautifully written with poignancy and a touch of humour – a window into a world of paralysis

The Invisible Sentence by Verna McFelin

The Invisible Sentence by Verna McFelin – A book for the faithful showing how one family’s bid to survive adversity was sustained through belief and a unique relationship with God

Going Home to Africa by Dot Bekker

Dot Bekker’s brave and epic adventure travelling across Africa on her own in a blue Ford Transit van is full of dramas, triumphs and people